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About SSS

    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Sorry guys I am not a SSS player but I would like try it. I have not understand really what's happened last month about rooms change the minimum buy-in. Somebody may help to clarify the matter, please?
      Also, I have a very few questions to ask:
      Is it still possible play SSS?
      Which room is the best to start for a beginner?
      Finally, if is it possible, I would like come out with a technical question;
      On the Chart of there are a very few hands as possible to play. Now, because I suppose that we should fold all the rest, what we do just waiting for that hand and in case we do not got any for a long period, what we do just keep paying the blinds a waiting for the right starting hands?
      Sorry about my ignorance and thanks in advance for your help. :heart:
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    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      Hey kiromanAAKK,

      SSS is stil playable on tables that allow buy-in for 20 big blinds, because the strategy works with stack of 15-25 big blinds and cannot be applied if you buy in for e.g. 35BBs. If you want to try it, I'd recommend shallow tables on Pokerstars, there's plenty of those tables up to NL200, which is more than enough for a beginner.

      For a beginner, yes, you have to play very few hands that are in the starting hands chart, but when you learn more about strategy and start using statistics you can adapt your ranges to diferent tables and opponents. Besides, because of few hands you play with SSS you can easily multitable once you get the hang of it, so it's not that boring as it might seem at the first glance.