Success measured in x BB/100H

    • QueenBeaver
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      the poker lingo has some pitfalls, and I stumbled upon another one: People say that advanced players measure their success in x BB/100H. However, I have seen BB as "Big Blind" or "Big Bet" (two times the big blind). Can anyone clarify if there's a rule what the BB in those successes means?

      Also, I have read that 1BB/100H is average on higher limits. I suppose that this is not the average for top players? Has any of the more prominent players ever released their BB/100H numbers?

      Thank you.
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      BB is big bet and bb is big blind. 1BB= 2bb. BB should mostly be used for measuring winrates in limit games but since poker tracker and pokertableratings describe winrates in BB/100 for all formats people use it frequently to measure winrates for PL/NL formats.

      As for 1BB/100 it's probably correct for fixed limit (not sure since i'm total donk at FL) but it's not that great for NL/PL, it also depends on if it's fullring, shorthanded or heads up tables someone is playing, the more people at the table the lesser winrates are possible. For full ring 1BB/100 is pretty good at mid/high stakes imo.