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    • theosis
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      I'm an honors student who is writing a mean structural engineering exam in a week, yet I've been spending my time in front of my monitor 6 tabling until the early hours of the morning.

      I've made an important discovery about my game though. During the holidays, with all the free time I have, I play alot of online poker, but the negatives in my game are: I tilt easily, make silly plays and hardly ever stick to bankroll management. For the past week however, despite having important work to do, I've been playing really great poker: I'm on a pleasant upswing, I've been playing under a very safe bankroll (61 buy-ins), and have controlled my emotions when I encounter bad beats.

      Seems I play my best when I have other important obligations. But tonight I'm calling it quits for poker for the next 2 weeks. I've uninstalled my poker software and tomorrow begins my vicious study routine.

      Thank you for reading. :)
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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Serriously speaking...Good luck with that, $20 says you re install some software within 7days =)

      I've been meaning to look for a job for the last 1 1/2 years. And 1 1/2 years latter im still playing poker full time (Dont let my silver rank fool you, i played at an untracked site for a few weeks). Fortunatley i am 100% going back to collage in september and doing something more prodocative with my life.

      Wish you all the best.
    • EagleStar88
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      Good luck with your studies theosis and hopefully you'll stay in touch with the community if only via the forum.

      Best regards,