Full Tilt vs. Pokerstars observations

    • alenstrat
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      So, what does everyone see different between Full Tilt and Pokerstars?

      Personally I'm loving it so far.

      - Tournament play in lower levels is ridiculous, full of fish that throw away all their chips once involved in hands even when they're clearly behind
      - Ditto the calling stations that can't let go their hands in cash tables
      - EVERYONE bets from position in EVERY hand. Just sit in when you hit the nuts on the flop. You can be sure the last guy around the table will bet 3/4 or pot size despite not hitting anything.
      - Likewise everyone cont bets every time, just sit to checkraise if you weren't the aggressor and hit the flop
      - Love those funny full pot + a little bets. They build up big pots so much quicker.
      - Very few all ins preflop, so I'm losing less stacks that I was forced to call when I had JJ+ and someone went all in with any shit on pokerstars - couldn't ever know when someone really had something and that also meant folding tons of AJ+.
      - Tons of rocks in tourneys and tables

      The first deposit bonus rules, I wish I had deposited the full $600. It's so easy to release the bonus!!!
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    • Joronamo
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      Hello alenstrat,

      Yes FTP is a bit more flexbile with their first deposit rules as opposed to Stars as you can clear in increments whenever you want and it you can clear it quicker as FTPs are less valuable than FPPs. Also at the moment because of the new buy-in laws Stars BSS games are generally dead because all the fish are on the shallow tables. But both rooms are great with each having their respective pros. and cons. .

      Best regards,

    • Menschdefekt
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      I hate the pot size bets.. it happens in every hand.
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