27Man SnG - Pos-floop game improvement

    • PHunter
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      Hi folks,

      I move from 9Man turbo SnG to 27Man "normal" SnG at FTP since 2 weeks ago, and I'm feeling like a NIT! Basically, I'm playing with the same ranges of SnGs one table and I'm start to thinking that it is not enough to get a good profit at this kind of SnGs. So, after some discussions with others members of PS, I decide to improve my pos-floop game in order to exploit some opportunities that I was considering marginal.

      However, I don't know exactly how to do this. I mean, should I play more like bigstack or I need to play more like MTT strategy... I really confuse about that. I never found any article about this kind of SnG's, so if someone could indicate articles or videos it would be very nice! Since I'm a newbie in 27Man SnG's, I'll appreciate any help!

      Thanks for your attention!

      ps.: sorry for English errors, I'm from PT community.
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    • Unam
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      Hi PHunter,

      the best way to improve your postflop skills is by posting and discussing hands in the evaluation forums. What I do not understand, is that you talk about differences in MTT, BSS and SNG Postflop-differences, the postflop they are very similar, the biggest differences are preflop imho.