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    • tequilaman111
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      I would like to deposit on some poker room you are offering and have some questions?

      At start I will play NL5 (4 to 8 tables) and move up after my roll goes up.

      My question is,which site has best promotion and lot of bad players for Nl5 and nl10 grinders? Where is best deposit bonus and easiest to clean playing that level. Room need to give rb.

      Any feedback is welcome.

      P.S. sorry if i posted on wrong topic
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi tequilaman111,

      PokerStrategy offer you a wide choice of platforms on which to play, the decision however is very subjective and different members like different platforms for different reasons.

      I personally like the overall feel of Full Tilt, you receive rakeback through PokerStrategy and they do regular bonus/promotions. I am fully aware however that other players prefer PokerStars which has good tournaments, ipoker perhaps is a little fishier/more profitable than the big 2 and Partypoker also has a large following amongst members.
      Some of the smaller platforms also offer a great mix of good competition, promotions etc, it really is a wide choice.

      Best way is usually to try a couple and see what is your favourite or which suits your particular style of play better really. Alternatively, if you browse each of the platform forum boards within this community, you can quickly get a feel for player feedback on each platform.

      Hope this helps, good luck wherever you decide to play and best regards,