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[NL2-NL10] AA 4bet preflop

    • SiXAT
      Joined: 28.09.2008 Posts: 263
      So here's a very intersting hand, i had AA onMP3(shorthanded) one of the CO with stack 17eu(10NL 5/10), icouldnt find this hand in my hand history so i cant tell how big my opponents stack was but it was a little bigger than 10 ithink. I had no reads on my opponent.
      I were playing very tight but this particula player ithink had no reads on me too so he was probably playing his cards.

      I am with AA raise to 30cnet, everyone folds , sb reraises to 1.3eu.
      here my plan was to look like i thought he tried to steal and i am not that strong so i thought a little and raised kindda small to 2.5eu, he called.

      flop came 8TJ no flush draw.
      he checks, i check. Here i checked because he is unknown player and he might well call with TT or JJ on these levels people do it, 99 is unlikely so there is bo need to defend. i didnt think about AK at that spot so maybe if i thought about it should i bet?
      turn comes blank idont remember, he checks here i bet 2.6eu, here i bet for value becuse i came to the conclusion checking twice with a set is kindda lame after i showed so much strenth he should bet for value, so his two hands left are QQ KK which i want to bet for value.
      he calls river comes Q(8TJ x Q)
      he bets 7.5eu i fold.
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    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      Just make a normal 4-bet to €3.2 or so and go broke preflop if possible, I doubt he's screwing around too often when he makes so big and it's our best interest with AA to make sure all the money goes in before bad cards fall.

      As played the flop is ugly because he probably has a ton of small to medium pocket pairs when he 3bet/calls, most of which either flopped a monster or won't pay off any bet on that board. I wouldn't especially discount 99, you make it really cheap on him to try and crack your hand. Depending on how loose he is he might even show up with medium to high suited connectors that flopped all kind of hands on that board. The tighter he is the more I like the check back. If you think he called your 4-bet preflop with a very wide range, just c-bet and call it off anyway.

      As played on the turn betting is obviously fine, tho I think QQ-KK are quite likely to donk out on a blank turn when you check back the flop. I think his range for checking again is more marginal than that, maybe some kind of pair+draw hand that he's happy to see the river and a showdown with.

      As played on the river he probably has at least a 9 somehow, maybe AK. Kinda doubt he'd play QQ like that to begin with and then pot out the river on a 4-straight board. I wouldn't bother calling down tho, folding is fine. That's just what happens when you give people great odds to stick around.

      Hope it helps.