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    • jefeche
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      I just have a question, if someone decide to sign up take the quiz and fails what happens?? hw many attemtsp do they have?

      Also do they take quiz right awat or have to wait 24 hours after signup?

      if they fail do they have to wait 24 hours afterwards?

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    • jefeche
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      As a related question, are these stats completely accurate. i mean if our referals lass quiz is it possible to show not passed.

      HOw do we get in cotact with them and discuss fixed.

      As i will be referring alot of people in coming day weeks, id like to know how to solve stat problems, issues with them if possible.

      can you send emails to them with my email addres..

      I have iniidcated in my website my email but not sure if some will follow.

    • ciRith
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      - After signing up they have to wait 2h before they can try the quiz the first time.
      - If they fail they have to wait additional 24h.
      - They have 5 chances to pass th quiz.
      - At the moment there is no possibility to contact your refered players but it is planned for the future.

      I can't tell you how exact the stats are and if it is possible to get the emails. For this infomation please contact our support via ticket.
    • TheReplicator
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      we are not able to send mails to your friends. You have to do it on your own.

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