I have recently joined up at pokerstrategy and have found it very useful. I will tell you a little about myself. I really have enjoyed playing LIVE more then online, but am looking to start playing online more after a friend random_chu(tilt and stars) and also another mates close friend (who I am yet meet) who is sponsored by fulltilt JonoKaramalikis have had so much success and have given me some inspiration.

My issue is I have always enjoyed gambling in all forms, blackjack, horse racing, greyhounds etc and therefore poker comes second nature to me and I do enjoy it alot. My gambling instincts/partying instincts have made online poker difficult for me. I have built small deposits from $30 to $150 on many occasions by grinding $2 18/27 man sng's, but then to come home after a big night and think online poker is a good idea and then drop $150 in a ring game.

I am intending on dropping an amount ($) that to me I believe will restrain me from my ways and therefore allow me to play more consistent poker. I have the skills to be playing a decent stakes (e.g. $6 - $10 tounies and $5+ 45 man sng's) and believe I by placing approx $750 (an amount to me is relative decent) into my account will allow me to play stronger br management as the rewards are greater and feel worthwhile. I personally feel that sitting there playing a $2 sng for 45 minutes to make $10-$20 is not enjoyable.

Can anyone suggest a good fulltilt poker tournament schedule?
Did anyone else tackle this problem and successfully become a profitable player?
Can anyone suggest very good schedules or a good program to play? (e.g. play the ferguson at the same time as another tournament, but at slightly higher stakes!!)
PXF is anyone a member there aswell as here?
Good online books? I am currently 1/3rd of way through harrington on holdem for my live game.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Alex (Adelaide, Australia)