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Crash and Burn.....Again

    • xxbchxx
      Joined: 17.09.2008 Posts: 55
      Look I'll lay it down straight.....
      I'm not so sure im cut out for poker :f_cry:
      I can and have, built up a small bankroll many times in the past, but i always have a realy poor session and end up going from $400+ to $0 I can build it but not keep it!
      I'm at the end of my tether, I went from Bronze to Gold here in 2 days wich for some of you i know isnt that much of a big deal but for me it was huge!
      I thought all was gonna be fine in my poker world but i had another great fall back to 0 and no bankroll for a month (till pay day).
      Got paid and deposited $100 took it up to $480 over Friday and Saturday then lost it all on Sunday....ARGGHhhhhhhhhhhhh!
      I know im playing a little over my limilts Vs Bankroll but im just not to bothered playing Micro / Grinding (an importaint skill for a poker player) but i'm not going to turn pro any time
      I just want to play a little poker and tick my self over.
      I see no future for me keep hating myself for loosing cash i've won...sounds odd i can see but any one have any advice??
      Anyone been in this boat??
      Please telling me bankroll management makes the player.....isnt gonna be helpfull.
      Making me relize the difference between some one making money here and there and some one that keeps depositing and feeding those players would be fantastic.
      Any help welcome
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    • ihufa
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 3,323
      my first year i played like you do. running 50$ up to 2k, losing it all. trying again a couple of times, getting lucky after a while and getting up to 3k. then withdraw some and lose the rest... over and over again. it was a lot of fun
    • Tominho89
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 28
      There's a lot of helpful stuff around about poker psychology and self control, tho u will learn it with time anyway.
    • andreibalint
      Joined: 11.04.2009 Posts: 872
      Ask yourself if you want to play poker to have fun or you want to play poker to make money!

      If you want money, money management articles are the most important strategy articles!
    • degre
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 413
      Dude, you say that you don't want to hear the only answer available which is BRM.

      Playing over the limit just means that if variance hit you'll have nothing to back you up. Also, if you're saying that it's not the first time it happens, maybe it means that you're just not ready for that limit, stepping down would actually help both you BR and improving your game.

      Last but not least, review your hands for leaks.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      step 1: Join pokerstars
      step 2: follow my blog and add me to msn
      step 3: Whenever i'm playing join my tables
      step 4: ???
      step 5: Profit (for me atleast)

      Seriously though, get over yourself. Your probably the fish all of them love, and after that heater you get everytime you lose it all again.

      Follow brm, it's as simple as that. You can be the greatest poker player in the world like Stu Ungar but if you don't follow BRM you will also end up like him..

      Okay maybe that was a little dramatic.. but just follow brm, and realise you still have tons to learn..