Poker for beginners (im up 40k)

My weaknesses


Drinking and playing cash$.

Together they sing a nasty song.

My strengths

Objectivity (when not tilted)
Middle road skill.
Experience (3mill hands).
Time rich.
Abilility to RR or fold. Or RR bluff and fold/ if left with fold equity stack.
Cold call two streets with nuts against agros..shove river..

My Game

Use a HUD

Rebuys – Roi – approaching 100 %

Brm properly (200bin )- flip early multiway, build stack.-then pick spots
-sometimes fold qq etc when faced with multi way all in..if big stacked.

MY tips

Ifu r a begiiner, fsss

Don’t sss

Play s ango l

low and move up ( 120 buyin rule)

cheers and wealth

ps: bet to win
2* by raising not calling.....
raise fold is ok , so is raise raise , call, allin or similar.

gl you'll need it if u don' t understand last two lines. its not coke. btw.