Hi all I would like to introduce myself a little and share my passion for Poker.
I started playing poker about 3 weeks ago and from the starting 50 USD capital from PS and blew it all in the first day due to no bankroll management =) (and being a complete fish ofcourse).

I play on Fulltilt poker and as you all know they have alot of 7500 freeroles every 2 hours daily. Losing the freebank roll so quickly made me realized that I needed to research and do more training. So I went on PS and read about 2 hours a day and watch videos and then went on to play about 4 freerole tournaments a day.

As the weeks go by I get better and farther into the large field of people, my best before yesterday was 92th place.

Yesterday, before playing the freerole I put alot of serious effort into going to the final table and achieved my goal, when I got to final table I then didn't really care about the money but instead set the goal to win it on my first final table apperance and accomplished it with hard work and good fortune.

Although it is the smallest buy-in possible ( freerole ) MTT tourney, getting pass 7500 people put a big smile on my face that I will never forget, I love poker and winning any tournament ( despite the prize of only 18 bucks ) is just a Thrill that i want to share with everyone :) .

So far my stat is making it to final table and winning one is 1 out of 1 !!! LOL =) .

Oh btw, im going to Vegas this summer for 2010 and would appreciate having some poker friends, so if anyone is going this summer hit me up ok.

Have fun and Good luck at the table guys !