Bad runs: friends or foes?

    • UeYa
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      Hi all,
      I'm playing NL5 since about one month, I usually open 4 tables with 70BB each but in the last 2 days I tried pure BSS with 3 tables 100bb each.
      After a good +800 BB on Saturday I started running bad and lost those winning + some other BBs with spectacular hands like nut flush/fullhouse, full house/quads, trips 4 vs trips aces and so on.

      I'm pretty sure that on monday i kinda tilted after the 3rd lost buyin but since then I calmed down and took it easy but still the NLHE God is not liking me.

      In the beginning was "get good cards but opponent has better cards" and today is "no cards at all"...what should I do? Continue praying and sacrificing pets to the NLHE God? Go have a good swim in Lourdes? Stop playing for a couple of days? :s_confused:
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    • sufix645
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      to take a break is always a good option. In these days better look if you didnt done any mistakes in you sessions and even by playing these hands. Read some articles, and when you feel you are again at point you feel good about your game - go and play. But remember - if you want to play poker - there will always be downswings and bad beats. You cant do anything about that. Work on things, that you can work on.
      My way to take bad beats? Just laugh about that, how they got lucky, but if they outplayed you - this is the time, when you can improve your game to avoid that happening again.
      Just dont need to tilt about "ahh s**t I got trips on the flop and he got runner runner flash with 4 communities!!!" That wont help you. Thing that will, is your game that will improve in time.

      Good luck at tables!