All in in SNGs

    • jass1960
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      Hi Guys,

      I wonder if you can help - been having some poor starting hands in SNGs (3 tables of 10), so much so that I am getting to 300BB without playing hardly any hands.

      This is generally the all-in phase and I am generally under pressure - so all-in is what I do from a late position or from the blinds (first) and for the last 13 hands I have gone-out!!!!

      Hand Versus Odds Preflop
      JTo A3o 40%-60%
      T9o A5o 40%-60%
      KTs 55 50%-50%
      88 KJo 55%-45%
      44 AKo 55%-45%
      K2s 99 35%-65%
      AKs ATs 61%-39%
      JJ 66/55/QTs 82%-18% / 73%-27%
      QQ KK 18-82%
      AQo KTs 65%-35%
      AJs QTs/77 60%-40% / 45%-55%
      AQo A9o 71%-29%
      A3s KQo 60%-40%

      So my question to you is it just variance or poor choice of hand to go all-in?
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    • cryoburn
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      I know how frustrating it is when you're card dead or when you shove and lose to a weaker hand. Everyone that has played SNGs knows that feeling.

      A question though: you play regular SNGs or speed/turbo?

      You have to be aware and be able to cope with losing coinflips. It's part of the game. (This is actually easier to say than to do because I feel like punching my laptop when I bust out vs ridiculous holdings or even when I'm slight ahead on the coinflip, and keep wondering why the f*ck this happens to me all the time).

      It is a true endurance and a real mental stress to play poker. I guess it takes a real lot of time, many years maybe, for a player to be a bit more compreehensive about variance. Randomness is something our brain isn't made for. It firmly relies on patterns and not it's absence. Humans deeply try to rationalize and patternize events they can't control. It's in our nature. That's why there's always people thinking in tactics and voodoo tricks to beat the casino games. Although it's impossible without cheating. The house always has an edge.

      But back to SNG play.

      Maybe you should try improving your stealing vs nit opponents and value shoving against loose ones. Also practice some ICM. But always remember it's close to irrelevant to have the chip lead in mid-stage. It's the bubble and beyond that's important. Also I rather bust out on the bubble stealing trying to build up for 1st place than to keep quiet to reach ITM with 2 big blinds.
    • jass1960
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      I generally play on Bet365 where blinds increase every 7 minutes - and I agree I probably need a few more moves to vastly improve my game.

      But as a P.S. having moaned on here and let my frustration out, I played 6 games and was ITM 3 times - winning once - that's more like it!!!
    • Timo
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      Hey jass1960,

      unfortunately this is the wrong forum. This forum is for feedback concerning the content that is offered by

      If you want to discuss specific aspects of a gametype, you should post it into our moderated Strategy-Forums - there you will find people who are happy to discuss these matters with you!

      I moved this thread into the SnG Strategy-Forum for you :)

    • gedwashere91
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      jass, you have given nowhere near enough information for anyone to actually decide if you have made the right play or not.
      We need to know
      -Stack sizes
      -Reads on opponents
      -Blind levels
      -Table image
      etc. etc. etc.
      Simply knowing what hand you had and what hand you ran into doesn't really tell us a great deal. Try getting the whole hand history of your problem hands, converting them, and then posting them in the hand review forum.

      I would also add that getting your chips in good and then getting sucked out happens fairly frequently on SnGs and all forms of online poker in general. Its called variance and it takes a very long time to get used to :P
    • jass1960
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      Thanks for the advice guys - played a whole more SNG's since the first post and have a much better understanding of variance!!
    • MatejM47
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      Yeah i just switched from cash to SNG myself and even tho im running pretty good with 12% roi i had such a great session last night where i busted 7 out of 8 tables and got 1st once so it wasnt a whole disaster lol. But the next round i got ITM 5 out of 8 and got first 3 times and 2 times second.

      Just play enough and it all evens out. Sometimes you just cant win coinflips, and sometimes you just cant win anything. I remember busting with aces like 4 times in a row in 1 session and you just have to get used to that. Having a good poker mindset is just as important as your overall game.