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Balancing overcards on multiway draw heavy boards

    • enemaze
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 608
      Well, i think the situation is pretty common -
      you find yourself in ep-mp with a premium AKo, and you get 3 or more callers. Normally, this would be great. But then the board comes 789 1 or 2 suited.
      On the microstakes it's a pretty easy c/f. Since i normally play the microstakes, that's what i do, since balancing isnt as important. But in live games, how can you balance between the times you have sets/overpairs? c/r with overpairs is probably one of those lines, but can you really risk giving away a free card on a really draw heavy board? what about c/r with overcards, when should that move be incorporated?
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    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,120
      If you had like AcKc or say KcQc. Then the board is like 10c-9c-8h. You can deffinatley check raise then, although you have great equity in the spot and at micros you carnt really relie on villans betting for you so you should really just lead straight out.

      Do you under stand the fundamental of check raising properlly? One of the big parts of the check raise is taking over controle of the pot. In alot of cases c/r flop then leading out on the turn results in opponets folding unless they have a big(ish) hand. So even if on the turn you still have just a draw and maybe ofver cards aswell you now run the risk of leading out on the turn, getting raised and having to fold, but they important thing is if you win more on the times they fold on the turn than you lose on the times they make you fold. At higher stakes though when your playing the players more, check shoving the turn with the hand exarples above would be a good play (if you think villans range is foldable + based on what they think your range could be).

      Check raising with over pairs again has its time and play but at the end of the day again at micros your best of leading out on the flop. They'll pritty much need TPTK or better to call or re raise your c/r.

      I may of driffted of topic slightly, but thats my perspective.