[NL2-NL10] NL 200: wrong or right decision?

    • PalcekSmuk
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      Ok, here is hand that hapend to me and i dont know if i played it good. 10 seated, i am big blind. Everybody folds to button who raises to 5 BB. Small blind calls and i decided to call with K5s. Flop comes: 552, 3 colors. Small blind checks and i decided to check, because i know continuation bet will come from button. Button raises 5 BB and now becomes interesting. Small blind now re-raises for 25 BB. Wtf, we were all full stacked, and those two were very tight. I am 100% he is not on draw holding maybe 34, so i put him on higher par, maybe TT or JJ. In flop is now 45 BB so i went all in. Button now folds and small blind calls very fast. I thought i was in front off him but i was already beat. I think there were just fold or all in for me. Would someone fold this?
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