Playing a Draw heavy flop with a strong hand

    • stewil007
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      Could do with some help on the following situation - which i seem to keep coming up against.

      Playing SNG's or MTT's, lets say i'm holding 88, I've made a little raise and brought 2 people along with me.

      The flop comes 89Q - with 2 cards of the same suit.

      If i'm honest i love the flop as much as i hate it.

      I'm happy that I have (95% of the time) the strongest hand but i'm not liking the straight/flush possibilities.

      My tendancy is to take the pot there and then - if there is a bet i will raise it heavily, if the is no bet i will put a pot sized bet or an over bet out to try and take it down.

      I get the feeling i'm missing out on a lot of chips using this strategy.

      Here comes the rub, in my mind I can't get past the other players having the nuts every time i'm in a hand. Can anybody tell/explain to me how they get over this pshycological barrier?
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    • thebigheizung85
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      try to think in hand ranges... doing that you give your opponents a certain possibility to have the nuts, but also hands that you have crushed pretty hard... over time you will see that you get more accurate in estimating the likely hands they can hold