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"PocketAcesJohn" - Mixing it up and starting a new project this summer.

    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,117
      Hello people.

      My name is Jonny and im 21 years old. I've been playing poker for 3 or 4 years now. I've been playing full time (not through choice) since the start of january 2010. My strongest game is FR NL cash games which i've been playing at the NL25/50 levle. I'm going back to collage in september to actually better myself as a person and hopefully make some new friends. I droped out of school when i was 16. I had a pritty big accident when i was 14/15 for which i was hospitalised for arounf 12weeks. Since that i wasnt motivated with education and had a pritty horrific attitude where i just wanted to do as i pleased when i wished to do so. It goes out with saying because of this i messed up my education and was just floating around not knowing what i wanted to do with my life. Thankfully im now in a place where im starting to move forward with life and know what i want. Hopefully after collage and UNI i'll become a camera man or film editor of some kind, wether thats in film or telivisio i dont mind to much =)

      The point of this blog is that as im going back to collage i intend on cashing pout most of my bankroll so i can have an awesome summer! I am currently starting the search for a new job, so that i will have a stable income when i go into education. I'm going to start playing STT's because i like a challange. I have some experience with them and i liked them alot. Now im not so dependent on money and can take the swings i'm going to return. I'll start of at the very bottom ($1+0.20) and work my way up. I'm currently unsure on what bankroll to start with. I'm thinking 100BI or maybe 200BI (please share your suggestions with me). I sued a tierd BRM which i wont go into detail now but if your intrested to know more just ask. Tomorrow will be the start of my "fresh start". I intend to start of 12 tabling and make adjusments when needed. I expect i'll get quicj high volume between now and the end of the month, but from june onwards i carnt say how much i will or wont play.

      My goal is to reach $10 or $20 S&G's by the start of september, but if i dont do that its not an epic fail.

      Hopefullly some of you experienced S&G players out there will find some intrest in this blog and will be able to help me improve and reach my goal =)

      I'll try and update this on a daily basis but carnt promise. Twice a week for sure.
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