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    • silent21
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      can we have two different versions of the whole forum - one for BSS and one for SSS. those little shove/fold pricks should stay in their hole :f_p:

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    • MichaelM
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      Please stackers of all the different sizes, try to coexist!

      Calling people prick because they believe in a different strategy is not very nice and I would kindly ask you to stay away from comments like this. They could be interpreted as insults.

      You made it obvious that you didn't mean the suggestion to split the forums in two serious, so your post doesn't really qualify for this board.
      I am going to close this thread now, as I want to avoid a flamewar on such a nice and sunny weekend.

      Why not have a serious conversation about the different strategies on the General Poker Discussion board instead? But please be nice.