Mid to High Pairs - Being Called

    • Greedyfly
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      Any thoughts on this situation which I see happening to me quite a bit.

      Say I get dealt 88 - QQ (max). I raise most of these from MP to LPs with either limpers or folders behind me (except Queens which I raise from anywhere). Now what happens when I get called on these pre flop...and the board hits something like...K or A, 10, rag. Now what?

      Continuation bet from late position? That seems fair no? But from early? The A and K has me scared. Min raise?

      Any advice?

      Or is it simply a case of being a better reader of opponents?
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    • alenstrat
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      Yeah this is tricky. I'd small cont bet if you're not in position, full size cont bet from position. What you do want to do is find out what your opponents do have. The complicated thing is that for example you raise 10 with QQ, preflop, villain calls and there are 23 in the pot. Flop is Axx. You cbet 8 and it seems like you almost always get called by anyone with nothing in micros, but that probably is good, most will reraise your small bet if they have something.

      So, now what? Keep making small bets (1/3 pot or so?) unless you get reraised? Check on turn, bet on river? Make pot or close to pot size bets on flop always when not in position, to shake out any speculators, and be sure that anyone that stays probably really has that A?

      Making no cbet at least on Full Tilt you'll get the villain betting from position 90% of the time and you'll lose the chips you put in the pot when 70 or 80% of that time villain had no A. It's very common that anyone even with a low pair will call you unless you make a pot size bet.
    • grizzlybear
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      anytime the board comes two cards higher than my pair, I am basically done with the hand.

      if my pair is bigger than two cards on the flop, and I am the first to act, I will make a healthy cbet, representing the highest card on the flop, so about half the pot.

      if I am called, or raised, I'll think hard about investing anymore chips in the hand
    • SiXAT
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      its a very tricky situation, say u haveQQ mostly against all calling preflop ranges u are ahead/
      So its typycly a way ahead way behind situation no need to protect hand and if u bet no way a stronger hand will fold, so i usually check , that way i save money against stronger hands and might induce a bluff.
      so my line is check call /fold on flop out of postion opponent dependant, fold to 2nd bet on turn, if checked on turn if i think my opponent is loose and might bet lower pair or bluff i value \block bet river or check fold to a bet.
      in position i check behind and if hecked twice i might bet the turn against calling station as a value bet or check turn, bet river or call a bet.
      Again this is all opponet dependant if u know that some player doesnt bluff or bet mediocre hands u should fold.
      If on the other hand u have 88 and ur opponent calls the flop is AK9 inight contibet as a bluff+ if he has for example QJ its also a protection bet so he doesnt hit a pair or a straight.