Which rooms are good for plo

    • Marin1985
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      Which rooms are most profitable for low stakes plo to play on.
      Iv heard that euro sites are better for plo then ftp/stars and that theres much more fish.

      I play around 2 tables so shitty software which doesnt allow good multitabling isnt problem for me.
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    • Iggy73za
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      I play PL Omaha hi on Pokerstars. Wery good players, you can see pros at the 05-1$ tables. If you know how to play Omaha and with good pocket cards no one is unbitable.
      Good room, with a lot of fishes, is PacificPoker.
      Good luck :s_cool:

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    • SheepMoose
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      Pokertstars. Lots of players, lots of 90/0 fish (over a 200 hand sample size at the micro's).
    • veriz
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      I vote also for PokerStars, a lot of members, a lot of good tables, pretty fishy and if you get at least platinum you are getting decent "rakeback (FPPs)" also.

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    • 1wayman
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      how about ipoker? Are there enough 6max PLO table running through the day? I am talking for stakes at plo25-PLO50, it surely is enough to play 4-8 table whenever i want?
    • Jackalof
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      4-8 tables of PLO at random time on Ipoker is a no-way. You can get that on evening, not during the european day.

      Also, getting platinum on pokerstars playing micro PLO is just.... not gonna happen.