Beating micro stakes

    • Avatars91
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      Preflop play is rather easy, you just follow the chart with minor adjustments like an occasional blind steal or a few isolation raises from the late position aso. Should be enough for a profitable long term success, right?

      Postflop play, however is very very tricky. How do I adjust my play to be profitable in the long run? Surely, good reads is a must at higher stakes, but on the micro levels it should be possible to just rely on same basic guidelines like bluffing rarely unless there is a good chance my opponents fold aso., what do you guys think?
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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      It's simple, play your hand.

      Hit or fold.
    • Shevtshenko
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      If you want to really make more than 1bb/100, you should learn how to really play postflop instead of just playing when you hit. Think in ranges and bet when your hand is usually best or your villain has a weak range. Just "playing your hand" is decreasing you to fishes level, so it doesn't make sense imo.
    • FishDan11
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      You'll find everything you need to answer your question/s in the Strategy section, including postflop play instructions. Choose your strategy and hit the tables ;)
      Good luck!
    • Avatars91
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      The strategy section, altthough having a lot of very helpful ideas, is not worth blindly following, in my opinion. Posflop play heavily depends on your opponents and the ideas given in the articles regarding simply do not work most of the time for me. Good reads I guess are in order, but that again means no multitabling, I think, which results in slow progress for me, Don't know what to do.
    • antonio47211
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      Success in poker comes with understanding table's metagame and correctly evaluating your opponents. There's absolutely no need for fancy lines, reads, writes etc if your opponent hardly knows the difference between ace - high and being high.

      Also, I would say both PocketAcesJohn and Shevtshenko are right. Its hit ir fold game, yet simply hitting is not enough. Say you hold A:spade: K:spade: vs 2 opponents, and flop comes 8:heart: 9:heart: K:heart: . Looks like you did hit, or didn't you? Main problem, and also main opportunity here is that people just refuse to fold. If you can get around that, you will find micros ultimately crushable.

    • Skyscrapers
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      the question you should really be asking yourself when playing postflop in micro is not how often to bluff, but when you can value bet a second pair and when you have to fold TPTK. gl

      and half of it is already answered..