[NL2-NL10] 5s vs set As & 98s vs AKo

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      I would to hear second opinion on this hands and and ideas for alternative lines if you may have any.

      I would like to apologize for the format of the hands but since they are from Everest Poker I was not able to convert them at any of the hand converters I have tried. Any tips as far as this concern would be appreciated as well! :)

      Thank you!

      Hand 1:

      Starting game 5797642154.

      Clem84 is at seat 0 with $18.60.
      derleopold is at seat 1 with $19.25.
      lolilolilol is at seat 2 with $10.75.
      bilnuifnf is at seat 3 with $9.25.
      misterzik is at seat 4 with $31.05.
      FoIoSoH is at seat 5 with $8.25.
      HERO is at seat 6 with $49.
      Lonny_Machin is at seat 7 with $12.65.
      ozrike is at seat 8 with $34.70.
      firepoicat is at seat 9 with $56.45.

      The dealer is seat 5.

      HERO posts a blind of $.25.
      Lonny_Machin posts a blind of $.50.

      (HERO is dealt 5s 5c.)

      ozrike folds.
      firepoicat folds.
      Clem84 folds.
      derleopold folds.
      lolilolilol folds.
      bilnuifnf folds.
      misterzik calls for $.50.
      FoIoSoH folds.
      HERO calls for $.25.
      Lonny_Machin checks.

      The flop comes
      Ah 7s 8d.

      HERO checks.
      Lonny_Machin checks.
      misterzik checks.

      The turn comes 10c.

      HERO bets $1.25.
      Lonny_Machin folds.
      misterzik raises $1.25.
      HERO calls for $1.25.

      The river comes 9d.

      HERO checks.
      misterzik bets $2.
      HERO raises $10.50.
      misterzik folds, showing As Ac.
      $10.50 is pushed back to HERO.

      HERO mucks.
      HERO wins pot ($10).

      Hand 2:

      Starting game 5791979662.

      Roelandb is at seat 0 with $84.90.
      HERO is at seat 1 with $210.75.
      Flackzo is at seat 2 with $19.
      muxulus is at seat 3 with $99.50.
      debstoth is at seat 4 with $213.
      jongleur22 is at seat 5 with $497.05.
      pot_father is at seat 6 with $651.85.
      kyrre_ol is at seat 7 with $39.45.
      aartrdam is at seat 8 with $224.30.
      derhammer is at seat 9 with $36.50.

      The dealer is seat 4.

      jongleur22 posts a blind of $.50.
      pot_father posts a blind of $1.

      (HERO is dealt 9d 8d.)

      kyrre_ol folds.
      aartrdam raises $2.50.
      derhammer folds.
      Roelandb folds.
      HERO calls for $3.50.
      Flackzo folds.
      muxulus folds.
      debstoth calls for $3.50.
      jongleur22 calls for $3.
      pot_father calls for $2.50.

      The flop comes
      7c 8s 6s.

      jongleur22 bets $1.
      pot_father calls for $1.
      aartrdam calls for $1.
      HERO raises $21.50.
      debstoth folds.
      jongleur22 folds.
      pot_father folds.
      aartrdam calls for $21.50.

      The turn comes 7h.

      aartrdam checks.
      HERO bets $64.50.
      aartrdam calls for $64.50.

      The river comes 7d.

      aartrdam goes all-in for $133.80.
      HERO goes all-in for $120.25.
      $13.55 is pushed back to aartrdam.


      aartrdam shows: As Kh
      7c 7h 7d As Kh
      Three Sevens

      HERO shows: 9d 8d
      7c 7h 7d 8s 8d
      Full House, Sevens over Eights

      HERO wins pot ($431).

      My line for this hand was the following:

      F: Since both the BB and UTG2 (the PF aggressor) both CC to SB MB; I assumed that they are both on over cards of some combination of over cards and straight / flush draw. Any PP like Ts +, would have RR here. Therefore I assumed that the this point I have the best hand, plus I had a OESD as and out in case I was wrong. The CC from UTG2 for mr indicates that he is on two over cards + maybe a week draw.

      T: The second 7 was blank in this case since it didn't change the texture of the board, so I made a big bet, both for value & protection. Important remark!!! I had a read on Villain that he chases down draw against the odds. So it was likely that he'll call a big bet.

      R: The third 7 was a good card for me too. For me his push was an act of desperation, he was trying to move me out of the hand. Lets think. I was behind only to the last 7 (hand like A7, K7) which would not call my over bet on the F or a high PP, which would either bet the flop or RR / push to my bet. Therefore I read his push as what it really was an attempt to push me out of the pot.

      Let me know what do you think. Thanks! :)
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    • EgertS
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      hand 1:

      isolate pre - raise to 2$.

      since you didn't do it, it's check/fold in every street cause the board is full of overcards and we are playing against 2 opponents.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Calling preflop is fine especially if BB is more of a loose fish than an aggro tag.

      Postflop I'd just give up, while it's true nobody showed strength on the flop it's still possible somebody has Ax that they'll never fold. They likely won't fold a pair either which they could easily have on that board. To top it off any 9x hand has an OESD, more often than not together with a pair, nobody is folding that.

      When you get minraised on the turn even if you're ahead for now you're gonna be up against some overcards+OESD hand that still has 30% equity against you and you're out of position. I'd never call that without a read that he's possibly pure bluffing in that spot (which incidentally he'll still have overpair outs with those most of the time).

      River is read-dependent, if villain is capable of making tough-ish folds it's fine since villain can't really have a J too often but you can. Since he looks very fishy I wouldn't be thrilled about trying to bluff him off even small two pairs, but I guess if you're calling the turn you need to bluff that card.


      Not much to say, I'd likely play it the same. There is a chance he somehow have stuff like 99 and we get owned, but the more draws you put in his turn range the less you can find a fold when he open jams that river.

      Hope it helps.
    • vidrata
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      Hello ,

      Thank you for the feedback! It was very helpful! :)

      Take care!