Introducing myself pre-flop, from Brazil.

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      Why did I say "pre-flop"?

      Because you guys haven´t seen me yet, sou you´ll have to "check" to know what I´m all about.

      Sorry, bad joke.

      Hi all,

      My name is Camillo and that´s why my screen name is Ollimac. The gja is an abreviations for the name of my childhood group of friends.(hahaha :D )

      I live in Brazil, more precisely in Rio de Janeiro. I´m 22 yo and I know poker since 13(know as "have met")..since then I only checked poker on some ocasional trip where there is nothing to do, a deck of cards and some chips.

      I was thinking of playing poker because it´s a very very interesting game, where you have strategy, psychology and a little luck. But at the long run is possible to have real profit.

      I came across when I was searching for ways to make my deposit in one of the poker rooms I was "practicing". Thank God for that, I would probably lose money without bankroll management and all the tips and materials that I´m getting.

      I would like to build up my "network" of poker budies, to change experience and talk about this amazing game.


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