Best Poker Offer Ever!

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      Hmmm ok sneaky I know :s_evil: , but now that I got your attention, just wanted to mention that we've been getting a lot of spam in the forums recently, especially from phoney "Basic" members.

      Just a reminder that for your own safety and the protection of your financial & personal information, do not click on the links, but instead help your moderator team to help you by clicking on the "Report" button at the top right of the suspect post.

      The moderating team are here to protect you and are always happy to assess any risk and take action or remove threads where necessary.

      Don't be afraid to report things, you help us a lot by doing so and it's really appreciated. It goes without saying that genuine posts and threads are left untouched, but theres no harm in reporting things if your unsure.

      Many thanks & best regards,


      This thread will self-destruct in a couple of days ;)
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