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    • Jakejenks
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      Hello all fellow Mac users! I thought I'd start a thread (which would be great if it could be stickied to prevent further similar threads being started) that could give the Mac users in this community somewhere to discuss our options for poker software.
      I currently am using Poker Copilot 2 as my tracking software (available for around $59.99) and blazing stars as my hotkey assignment program. I play mainly on Pokerstars, partly due to compatibility issues for these programs but I also use Full Tilt occasionally. I'm looking to switch to PT3 within the next 6 months when I can viably withdraw enough to pay for the license.
      I'd love to hear what you other guys are using or any recommendations for Mac native software to compliment our play!


      (In b4 - "Mac sucks", "Get windows", "buy a proper computer" etc etc etc ;) )
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    • AquamanBT
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      Hey, I've been evaluating Poker Copilot and it actually has impressed me. However, PT3 has been a huge disappointment, to the point that I even un-installed it before attempting to use the HUD. Setting up Copilot was a breeze, as any other Mac software. The less intuitive step was to import the Pokerstars audit file, but it wasn't a hassle at all. On the contrary, I never was able to import but the last 200 tourney summary files. Since I have hands for more than 200 tourneys, my graph showed that I am down thousand of dollars, which is totally inaccurate. This is because I have zero earnings for every tourney before the last 200. I have played more than 3,000 tourneys, so you can imagine my graph...

      Some things that I haven't been able to enter/show/graph in Copilot is Rakeback earnings from Full Tilt. Do you know if it is possible?

      Before I finally purchase Copilot, I'm gonna try out FlopZoom, which is just $45 with free upgrades. I checked that it is allowed by Stars, and apparently is safe for FTP too.

      And hey, I tried Blazingstars (with FT) and it was a mess... most shortcuts or didn't work or stopped working correctly. So silly, trying to bet 2/3x pot and it min bet.... LOL