Hey everyone, let me introduce myself:

Hey, Jakejenks here

Right, now thats out of the way...
I've been playing poker, mainly live for a while now and am hoping to make the transition to online poker. I've shied away from just depositing into higher stake games and have started from 2nl, playing roughly 80k hands since I've started, starting off with one table, moving to 24, and then back down to 4 again as I've tried to cut out the mistakes in my game and sharpen up a bit. Due to withdrawing to pay for some tracking software and drunkenly spewing money off at 50nl (where I got the money in good, bad beat, qq, insert rant here) my bankroll stands at around $70.

I plan to play my way up through the cash games purely for fun and as a challenge. I've decided to keep my online bankroll separate to my live bankroll, a principle I've stuck by since day one and plan to keep to, so that I can make sure I'm ready to move up the stakes instead of just buying in.

it would be great to hear from people doing similar things and if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear from you! I've studied a lot of books and am involved in a few so called "learning-circles" of other cash game players from all stakes but I think you can always learn more!

Good luck at the tables!!