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    • swajp
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      Hello...i've got an email telling me to create an account on full tilt and if i did i would get an extra 50$......so far so good.......but in the email i should fill in my username in a open frame below but there where no open frame below soooooooo what do i do now??? is it someone trying to joke with me or is this for real??
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey swajp,

      Is this an email from PokerStrategy.com or some random offer?

      Be careful because if create an account without using out bonus code you won't be able to gain PokerStrategy.com Points through FullTilt to gain access to our material.

      FullTilt Poker

      Here is all the information about what we offer through Fulltilt.

      Also, don't forget to brush up on the Fulltilt Poker Forums we have:

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