What a great informative site!

    • JoeBailey
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      Hello all I am a new member here. I was playing a small buyin tournament on PKR earlier when this guy I was talking to mentioned this site. He had a lot of good things to say about it so I decided to check it out after the tournament. I read all the articles before taking the quiz and I passed the first time. Those articles were very informative and interesting and I learned quite a bit from them. I have only been playing poker for about 2 years. So I have quite a bit to learn and I think this is a great site in which to accomplish that. I will soak up every video and article posted on this site to improve my game. Keep up the great work pokerstrategy.com!!!!!
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hi JoeBailey & welcome to PokerStrategy.

      We have lots to offer you here, ranging from the starting capital and strategy guides through to free live coaching sessions, strategy videos and sample hands forums. They all help you to develop your game and to give you the best possible chance of playing profitable poker.

      Take your time to browse the various different benefits of your free membership here.

      We also have a very active and friendly community here with lots of hugely experienced members who are keen to pass on their thoughts, expertise and experience to fellow members.

      All in all, I think you will like it here and we all wish you every success and enjoyment in your poker. Look forward to seeing you active within the forums in due course.

      All the best and kind regards,