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[NL2-NL10] NL50 Ts

    • vidrata
      Joined: 08.10.2007 Posts: 392

      It's a hand from Everest Poker, so I am not able to convert it. If you have any suggestions how to convert Everest hands it would be appreciated as well.

      The hand is quiet clear in general. I am not only sure if my turn play was the most optimal one. The Villain was an loose aggressive which determined my line of play.

      fuji123 is at seat 0 with $49.50.
      chris5342 is at seat 1 with $10.75.
      magic_eric is at seat 2 with $49.05.
      juanrito is at seat 3 with $124.20.
      TkHomer is at seat 4 with $9.80.
      YHVH is at seat 5 with $68.75.
      Daig is at seat 6 with $49.25.
      Naoyia is at seat 7 with $26.70.
      Matze44 is at seat 8 with $47.
      HERO is at seat 9 with $51.55.

      The dealer is seat 8.

      HERO posts a blind of $.25.
      fuji123 posts a blind of $.50.

      (HERO is dealt 10s 10d.)

      chris5342 folds.
      magic_eric folds.
      juanrito folds.
      TkHomer folds.
      YHVH folds.
      Daig folds.
      Naoyia folds.
      Matze44 folds.
      HERO raises $1.
      fuji123 calls for $1.

      The flop comes
      8c As Ac.

      HERO bets $1.50.
      fuji123 calls for $1.50.

      The turn comes 10c.

      HERO checks.
      fuji123 bets $6.
      HERO raises $6.
      fuji123 calls for $6.

      The river comes 2s.

      HERO goes all-in for $36.55.
      fuji123 goes all-in for $34.50.
      $2.05 is pushed back to HERO.
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    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      Usually I'd 4x it preflop.

      As played on the turn I'd raise enough to shove the river for less than pot, so I'm guessing something like 2.5x. If he's really aggressive you can just check/call turn and check/jam the river, he'll bet again trips anyway and the rest of his range is probably comprised of a lot of floats for the most part that he'll fold to a raise (probably) but might bomb the river again with.

      Hope it helps.