Is it normal to "start losing"?

    • ollimacgja
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      Let me explain my question.

      I´m starting to play and i have been having a series of bad beats, bad calls and am "losing" some of my starting capital.

      I started playing on FL - 0.10/0.20 as recomended by the bankroll article( or some article in the begginer section)... As soon as I started to play I lost 2 dollars on some bad calls. I didn´t manage to "win back" my 2 dollars so i went playing FL - 0.02/0.04 and started to get a hand of it.

      Then i tried to go to 0.05/0.10 and got a good up to 4 dolars (almost breaking even) but lost some pots on a bad beat on the river(same guy)...when this happened i got back to 1,57 or smth like that...and sensed i was tilting(because of the same guy beating me with lucky draws on the river.) i stopped...

      So..i´m wondering if this is normal at the beggining or am I just an horrible player.

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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      No, only losing players lose.

      Seriously though, poker has a luck factor. Which can make you lose or win alot in the short term. But in the longterm your either a losing, breakeven or winning player.

      I'm not a FL player. But i heard it was alot more mathematical then NL. I'd just read the Bronze FL articles over and over and become a 100% familiar with them. And post hands your unsure about in the FL forum.