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Re: TwiceT goes to Italy

    • SSSC2NV
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 136
      Just wanted to say that this video has seriously changed my poker life!

      I know it sounds stupid but watching these guys play simply clicked with me! I saw where I was missing. I had the "tight" down, but totally missed the "aggressive". I now utilize my stats from HEM, 3 bet, 4 bet and push more frequently. Playing position like its my job, using it to my advantage in ALL situations, folding AA,KK,QQ,JJ, AK when I have a feeling I'm beat. I used to hang on to those hands like they were my only child, now I simply fold em and look at a different table, cheaper to walk away from those hands than to hope for the best! I'm spotting and exploiting weak players, making notes on them and playing accordingly.

      It all seems to make sense now, for over a year I've been playing against guys and folding every time they re-raised me or pushed, naturally, causing me to be a losing player (except for my couple month run at where somehow I managed HUGE winnings). Last night I played close to 2k hands and I was at $43/hr on NL25, impressive in my mind!

      Reviewed some of my beats from last night on my lunch today, looks like my biggest enemy is getting beat by flopped sets, having A LOT of trouble spotting them, guys are just slow playing em and shoving on the river once 3/4 of my stack is already in the pot. Must find a way to beat this disease.. haha.

      Honestly, if anyone is struggling to really grasp the articles and concepts, thinking you just cant catch cards because you keep getting raised or re-raised. You really need to check this video out.

      Anyways, to the creators of the video.. THANK YOU! Please make more videos!

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