When to add-on

    • astrobel
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      Hello guys,

      Is there a formula to determine whether to add-on or not is a good idea ?

      Last night I was playing an Omaha-8 $5 rebuy. Starting chips were 1500, I re-bought straight away to start with 3000. When the re-buy period ended I had about 6600 in chips, 80 players left, 12 getting paid and $1775 in the prize pool after add-ons. The average chip count after the add-on was 7100.

      I thought that adding-on in that case would be marginal and decided not to. Was that a good decision ? What shall I consider next time I face this situation ?

      Many thanks for your input.
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    • TheRebuz
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      if i have <~avg stack and players at mine table have ~avg stack too i'll always add on
      -if i have 1.5 avg stack and players at mine table have ~avg stack and add on doesnt change much in perspective i might not add on (ex. i have 9k, avg is 6k add is 2k, avg at mine table is 5k-before add on and it will be like 6,5 after add on is more likely i wont add depends of blinds size, is table loose agro or tight, and time of the levels is like 60/40% - not add/add)
      - if i have 2x+ avg stack i never add on
    • AaronLambert
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      I generally always think it is in your best interest to add on if it is more than a regular stack. For example a re-buy is 1500 and an add-on is 2000, you should always then add-on.

      But in some cases like the 1R 1A you see on stars it is the same across the board for a re-buy and an add-on. In these instances if I'm well over average stack I'll pass unless I have a terrible player who has a big stack as well. When you are around average or lower you must add-on.