Is it worth getting involved in this spot ?

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      Scenario :

      Full Tilt Omaha-8 $5 rebuy.
      Starting players, about 120. 12 getting paid. Prize pool $1775.
      Players left : 31. blinds 300-600.

      I'm UTG with an especulative hand and raise 2.5 * BB ( 1500 ). I had been quite active in the last few orbits, raising 2,5 BB often and taking the pot down pre-flop, on the flop or at showdown. I have not lost a pot in quite a while.
      I have 28000 in chips, the average is about 15500.
      The other big stack at the table is two to my left and raises to about 5500. He has about 24000 and seems to be on the loose/semi-wild side although I could not be completely certain about that.

      So, is it worth getting involved with an especulative hand in this spot ?

      I did make the call. My thinking was, OK, I'm doing well but this is an opportunity to grab a monster chip count on the right flop.

      I did like the flop and thought I was ahead but my hand was far from a lock so I bet pot. He thought for a while and raised all-in.

      I made the call, as it happens I was 71% on the flop. Unfortunately he rivered me.

      I'm not giving the specific details on the hand since what I really want is an assesment on whether at that stage in a tourney and with those chips we should take risks like that or be tighter.

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