I decided to move my bankroll to Everest and chose the $1000 bonus. 'Why not?' I thought. Quickly I discovered I got only 1 month to clear the bonus instead of 2 and I'm confident I won't be able to clear more than $300 a month.

I moved to Everest because of the low entry fees in SnGs. They were quite high on the lower levels in PartyPoker. For example, Party has $2.40 + $.60 tournaments (25%), Everest has $2.50 + $.25 tournaments (10%). On PartyPoker you'll have to play 4 months for a $150 bonus, while in Everest you can use your Summit Points for entry in tournaments and they're worth the same at every level (.4$cts). Because the bonus is instantly rewarded in small steps, you get a pretty high rakeback. For a $2.50 +$.25 tournament you get 2 Summit Points. You'll earn $.12 from your bonus and your 2 Summit Points are worth .4$cts. In the first month (2 months if you choose the $300 bonus), you'll get $.128/$.25*100%=51.2% rakeback. Or entry fees are only $.122/$2.50*100%=4.88% at the lowest levels. This is the cheapest I've seen so far.

Not to mention that the leader boards look fairly easy (to me) and you could make 97,500 Summit Points (~$400) a month.