I've been running very well but for the last two weeks nothing seems to work on one of the sites I play on (at least it's just one of them!!). I know it's probably all due to variance etc and obviously maybe some bad decisions on my behalf - but on the whole I play a reasonably solid game or even if that's not the case I haven't changed anything to it but somehow in the last two and a half weeks the trend has been downwards.

I try to be as rational as possible but I can't help but think that it has something to do with the fact that exactly on the day I started loosing I got upgraded to the highest VIP status on this particular site lol - I know this is silly but man what a coincedence. Coincidentally it was also on that day that I signed up for a large cashback bonus which I'm in the process of clearing. ... I know, I know, all silly thoughts but man it bugs me lol

Just thought I'd post my graph here for the last 4 weeks and maybe get some input (if at all possible) from some of you :)

Any thoughts, ideas, feedback welcome :)

And, yes, I know - it could be MUCH worse than my graph... but I try my very best to preempt anything I can. For example I moved back down from NL200 to NL50 for now just to be safe and improve my game (NL100 for some reason just did not work at all for me on this particular site, so I stay clear of that either way.) And even though in previous months I was dominating NL50, I can't seem to win there anymore either. I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

By the way, if there's any SSS coaches out there, I'm starting to think that some coaching wouldn't be a bad idea - so hit me up (PM) and let me know how this whole coaching thing works :)