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I get great hands at FT :P

    • DomenViBritannia
      Joined: 11.05.2010 Posts: 24
      The hands I have gotten in the two weeks I have been playing at FT were pretty horrible. Out of say 120 hands, which I usually get dealt at S'n'G, I probably get 5-10 good ones.

      Lately, my hands look like this:

      Q2,Q5,53,K2,A2,9J,T2,58, 4T,J2,43,92,.... and so forth. They keep coming back.

      I am a TAG player I believe, but I am still far away from anything since I started playing 3 weeks ago. I play all pairs up to 99 without raising, maybe in the late position, then of course 99+, raise the standard.

      When I get a hand, even if it is marginal (mid pair, draw) I can do good, but I don't even get that.

      This days has been quite frustrating, lost some 5 Sit and goes in a row, was 2nd in one and lost again now.

      I will put a stop to playing FT for today. My balance keeps wavering from 50$ to $60. It will probably take me a while before I can beat the limit, which I will have after I achieve $100 obviously. But I guess this is a hard part of poker .. the start.

      Still loads of strategy, books and videos to go through! Anyway with any advice on how to play these $1,20 Sit and goes?

      What I do is play I described before, and am not overly aggressive until the mid-stage. I wait until the fields narrows down, then start playing. However, I couldn't do that at all today. The field narrowed down however I was at the push-or-fold stage and I had to push. Then when I pushed with AK some one with 66 calls and obviously I get knocked out..

      I it quite ridiculous how these players play.. they go all in with mid-pair when the flop hits, then some one calls with an even lesser hand, enabling them to accumulate chips to be the big-stack and to be able to cover you every-time.

      They play too many hands as well, and regard cards like AJ, JK, KQ, QJ as strong.. and then in the end they even flop AJ or river the King...
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