micro limit rakeback issue , Fulltilt or Pokerstars ?

    • FWKanobi
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      Hi ,
      I've read that its important to get rakeback in SnG grinding , problem is I can play only at FTP or PS , but FTP gives me the tilt...

      how bad will it be to grind @ pokerstars ? I don't think ill ever be SuperNova because I dont have the time nor (currently) the Bankroll for that.
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    • lessthanthreee
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      FT rakeback > stars for micro grinders.

      stars > FT for high volume mid-high stakes grinders
    • MatejM47
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      Well if your not supernova you get way better rakeback on full tilt (27%) on stats you get less then 20% rakeback if your gold or platinum. Also you get rake back on FT back every week, while 50$ bonuses are not worth buying on stars so you'll be waiting for like 3 months to get 285$ bonus which still has very bad FPP/$ ratio and you can forget about any higher bonuses because you'll never clear them anyway.
    • Jaime001254
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      full tilt rake is higuer on the micros, and in stars you get stellar rewards, its like 10% rakeback.