problem with silver rank

    • simoska
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      Hello guys :)
      So after receiving my second 50$ capital i started to grind my way up to silver rank again and now when i have over 200pts i still cant get silver rank;/ it says

      Hello simoska!

      Lifetime StrategyPoints:

      Points needed for next rank (Gold): 671.1

      StrategyPoints until Elephant-License: 727.3

      can you guys fix it please? :)
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    • Skraggy
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      I'm pretty sure they gonna tell you to contact support :P
    • Alan883
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      Its just take a while to update your status.

      Patient guys patient is one of the greatest skills of modern world.
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello simoska,

      It looks like the servers have updated as you are now silver rank.

      Whilst generally the points are updated quickly (just a couple of days delay) most of the time, there are sometimes small delays, the most common reasons for these are as follows:

      1. Some form of platform delay in sending the tracked player data (beyond PokerStrategy control);
      2. Newly signed up accounts sometimes take a few days to be totally tracked through;
      3. Around the start and end of calender months, sometimes a few days delay whilst PokerStrategy gather data, update points & calculate status upgrades etc.

      These are normal, don't panic, you will not lose any points, they will all still be recorded and will be visable on your home page within a few days (maybe even just hours).

      Kind Regards,
    • Alan883
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      He is silver he is silver!!

      This is magic this is magic!:) )