Do you ever get the right odds to chase draws in small stakes online?

    • Kula7
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      Ok so we have all read the pot odds articles and i think it's more easy to understand it in theory than to apply in practice.
      I have noticed that i almost never ( and by never i mean at least 90 % of the time) have the right odds to chase draws. I'll take probably the most obvious example, the flush draw. You need 4/1 odds to correctly call flush draws but like i said i almost never have them when i'm playing online.
      The most common example is when I call somebodys raise and im heads-up. And when Im heads up i always face a pot size raise or 3/4 pot raise, and if im lucky on some rare occasions 1/2 pot size. My question is - do you ever get the right odds to chase draws in real play couse i seem to never have them? Does anybody else have the same problem or I am doing something wrong (or is my math really bad) :-( ? Oh and by the way i pretty much understand the implied pott odds principile, but is it always correct to count on it?
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    • z4tz
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      What you have to take into account at all time is the implied odds which improves everything which you seem to have forgotten here :)

      *edit* dammit missed the last part about implied ofc ^^

      The implied odds is different from hand to hand, you have to evaluate how much you think you can extract from each opponent in each hand.
    • roswellx
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      You have enormous implied odds against Nits, Rocks, and finally TAGs.. Against loose players don't bother calling against pot odds.
    • Skyscrapers
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      a bare fd is not a great thing, but a pair and fd or fd and overs are sweet draws and you'll very often have the correct pot odds to play them.
    • ihufa
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      by bluffing with your draws you don't need the "correct" odds to play it
    • mbml
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      yeah exactly what ihufa said. You can float and bluff the turn when he checks to you. And if you pick up combo draws on the turn, you can shove (or raise a committing amount). You will generate enormous amounts of fold equity vs a decent player because your call flop raise turn line looks like twopairs or a set.

      You almost never get the right direct odds in NLHE, probably only in FL. For implied odds, stacks have to be really deep or your opponent has to be a massive fish to pay you off if an obvious draw hits and you shove over his bet.