slowplaying a big hand on finale table

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      i am wondering if is good or wrong
      u are in early position and u get dealt a big poket pair-chip leader is stealing lots of pots and u are 4th in chips-7 players remaining

      Everest Poker — Hand Details
      Hand ID: 5873806946
      Table ID: -145656847
      Play Mode: Real Money
      Tournament Table: 40343994-41
      Game Type: Hold'em
      Ante: 2000
      Blinds: 8000/16000
      Stakes: 16000/16000
      Currency: USD
      Starting Date: 2010-05-31 GMT
      Starting Time: 00:15:50 GMT

      Seating Arrangement:

      viktorrey is at seat 1 with 335478.
      Jazz32 is at seat 2 with 46218.
      hessu is at seat 4 with 179169.
      FreshmaN84 is at seat 5 with 185862.
      Moloc is at seat 6 with 1450420.
      charlie72o is at seat 7 with 692539.
      rafke_c is at seat 10 with 518314.
      viktorrey posts an ante of 2000.
      Jazz32 posts an ante of 2000.
      hessu posts an ante of 2000.
      FreshmaN84 posts an ante of 2000.
      Moloc posts an ante of 2000.
      charlie72o posts an ante of 2000.
      rafke_c posts an ante of 2000.

      the short stacks are pretty agressive going all in trying to survive or double up-but if a raise in front of them everyone folds so u end up piking up just the blinds.
      my question is -should u slowplay a big hand or just go on with the normal play betting it as regular?
      afterall u are sitting very confortable with 350 k in chips-2-3 shorties out and u move the payment ladder so much...
      this is how i played my poket qq and i am still debating if i played right or wrong

      Post Blinds:

      The button is at seat 5.
      Moloc posts the small blind of 8000.
      charlie72o posts the big blind of 16000.

      Deal Pocket Cards:

      viktorrey: Qs Qd
      Jazz32: -- --
      hessu: -- --
      FreshmaN84: -- --
      Moloc: -- --
      charlie72o: -- --
      rafke_c: -- --

      rafke_c folds.
      viktorrey calls 16000.
      Jazz32 folds.
      hessu folds.
      FreshmaN84 folds.
      Moloc raises 92000.
      charlie72o folds.
      viktorrey raises 314000.
      Moloc raises 460000.
      viktorrey calls 3478.

      Flop (5d 3d 6s 9s As):

      Moloc shows 6h Ah.
      Moloc has 6h 6s 9s Ah As: Two Pair
      viktorrey shows Qs Qd.
      viktorrey has 6s 9s Qs Qd As: Pair
      viktorrey is eliminated.

      Pot Summary:
      226522 is returned to Moloc (uncalled).
      Total Pot: 696956
      Moloc wins 696956.
      No Rake is taken for this hand.
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