Silver Strategy

    • Trbst
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      Hi guys,

      Quick question,

      Are the strategies in the silver section all for SN and HU games ? For example: "Before the Flop - The Basics". There are many topics that don't read the exact name of the game but do mention 6 players in them, so I was wondering "what are we done with playing full ring games now ?"

      TY in advance for any insight
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    • Escobario
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      theres full ring articles in silver dude... "advanced open raising" for example.

      alot of the postflop ones use 6 handed examples, but they apply to fullring too..

      e.g. u might be the preflop aggressor out of position against 1 or 2 callers. just easier that they do that instead of doubling the space it takes up making extra articles just for fr