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Fun rules & variations

    • swissmoumout
      Joined: 23.02.2007 Posts: 3,385
      I'm not sure if this has been done before, or if this is the right forum, but I thought I'd post a few variations / rules that can be added to any holdem (live) game to make things more fun (maybe even more profitable, depending on your opponents), as I play mostly live with friends..
      Please suggest more :)

      Straddle : Definitely the best :) In most cases, it's a third, optional blind. That is, before the hand is delt, UTG can decide to put in double the big blind, and he becomes the "new" big blind, having the option to check or raise when action gets round to him. The other blinds stay the same. Variations on this include straddling on the button, which is, well, a straddle on the button. If you chose this option, the action starts with the small blind etc right to the button (& straddle), who can check or raise. This is great, since you're in position all the way in a big(ger) pot.
      Re-straddle or double-straddle: If a straddle is posted, UTG+1 can post a re-straddle of double the straddle (4BB) to spice things up a bit :) Some people (and rarely, casinos) have unlimited straddles, but mostly it's just 1 or 2...

      Dealer's choice: usually hold'em /omaha NL, PL, or Limit, but can be any number of games (stud, razz, 5 draw, ...) The button gets to chose which game you play...

      Double-board hold'em: Anyone who's watched High Stakes Poker knows this :D : Like hold'em, but instead of having 5 community cards, you have 10. If it's in an all-in situation, it's usually dealt [burn] flop [burn] turn [burn] river [b ] flop2 [b ] turn2 [b ] river2. If it's in normal circumstances, deal [b ] flop, flop2 [b ] turn, turn2 [b ] river, river2
      The best hand on each 5-card board takes half the pot.

      7-2 side-bet: (also featured in HSP season 4). Any player who wins any pot with 7-2 gets a fixed amount (usually 1-2BB) from every other player at the table...very good for the game, you never know if your opponent has the nuts or 72 :D

      I can't think of any more right know, but please suggest some, I'd love to spice up the home game a little more :)
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