help me. i have an existing account but then havent used it yet then this happened

    • kajooooo
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      hello, i've applied for the 50$ starting capital and passed. my problem is that i've downloaded pokerstars long before knowing this and i was hoping to play pokerstars even without real money (hoping i can play with fake money). and then this happened. i gave my account which is "Usarchcorp", but then it says that i can't get my bonus starting capital with my existing account?

      please admins help me. i havent played with my account or anything. hoping this could help me get a start to play poker. thanks a lot! - Usarchcorp
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey kajooooo,

      Welcome to and the Community.

      Sorry but this will not be possible.
      PokerStars is very strict with re-tracking accounts.

      BUT, IMO, I would email them, seeing as though you haven't used your account yet, there is no harm is trying.

      If all else fails there is plenty of other high quality pokerrooms with nice bonus and offers.
      Here's the link:

      Goodluck and Regards,