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beggining player

    • wildfool
      Joined: 27.04.2010 Posts: 29
      Hey all,

      I live in poland at the moment, but was raised in the USA.
      me and a few friends all started playing poker a few months ago. so far none of us has gotten rich, though one of my friends did win $80 at a local card house tournament.

      online i started by winning .40 at a freeroll at pacific poker, and turned it into 12 dollars. then i lost it all.
      i found and decided to give it a try after realizing how it works and that it isnt a scam.
      took the $50 and started playing at party poker. started at the beginner .02/.04 tables and slowly got down to around $43. decided i should change something so i moved over to regular NL2 and have been doing ok since then.
      played SSS and got up to $60. then i decided to see what NL10 is like and played at a table there. i figured i was throwing away a few dollars, but it might be fun. i got real lucky and won $6.
      the next couple of days i got cocky and tried to play more fancy than i should and also gave NL4 a try, and went down to $55.
      since then i decided to play SSS at NL2 and get back up to $60, which slowly i did.
      since then i've been trying to play BSS at NL2 and so far it's been alright. i got up to $66 a couple of times, but for some reason am unable to get up to $67. i dont know if i am winning or just breaking even in the long run, as i have not been playing too long.
      but i feel im getting better and learning more as i go.

      anyway, thanks for the startup cash. i hope to keep getting better and better. at very least i dont think im a loosing player at NL2, which is a start.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi wildfool & welcome to the community,

      Sounds like your doing great already and already adjusting according to the importance of Bankroll Management.

      To be successful, it does take a lot of hard work, studying and of course it's vital to move up/down a level according to your bankroll, so your on the right road.

      Don't worry too much about losing a little in the early days or failing to break through a certain limit like $67. The main thing early on is to get a feel for the strategy, certain plays in certain situations and to learn and adapt your game. Once you are comfortable with your play and have kept leaks to a minimum, results should follow.

      Now that you have already picked up the basics, I would strongly recommend one of our free live coaching sessions. These are excellent opportunities to see how hugely experienced players play in tricky situations and they will happily provide commentary and answer questions whilst they coach.

      Anyway, keep up the great work wildfool, it's great having you join our community and we all look forward to hearing how you get on in due course.

      Best regards,