My daily plan for SnG!give me advice...

    • Shakalis
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      Hello ,

      I wanted to ask some advice from you. The thing is i wanted to plan my daily poker play like hours, how much BR i can max spend in one day if i get downswing and how much SnG do i need play ?
      And i wanted to know what you recommended me to play if i got 40 $ BR - SnG 1,20$ buy in or SnG double or nothing turbo 1.10$ buy in ? ( i play on pokerstars)

      Thank you. :)
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey Shakalis,

      I can highly recommend 4 things:

      #1) Head over to the video section and watch some videos:

      There are quite a few low level SNG videos by Unam, Chenny and Helemaalnicks for bronze members which will help show you if you are doing things right or not.

      #2) Download the ICM Trainer Light and the normal ICM Trainer:

      Practice your ICM - its important for understanding key principles of playing late phase SNGs ;)

      #3) Get involved in the SNG hand evaluation forum:

      This a place where you will fix your leaks and start to think about critical situations.

      #4) Check out our coaching schedule:

      We have several live SNG coachings a week where you can watch the pros play and ask questions. A very good method for improving :)

      With regards to your specific questions then i will try to provide some answers for you:

      Hours - I would recommend that you play for as long as you can continue playing your A-game for.

      Bankroll - You could set yourself a stop-loss limit so that you don't end up losing too much of your bankroll in one go. This could be 5 Buyins, 3 Buyins etc, but basically whatever you feel comfortable with.

      How many SnGs - Again this will be done to whatever you are comfortable with playing while maintining your A-game, i.e. 1 table, 3 tables at a time etc.

      SnG or DONs - What do you prefer to play as you will dedicate more time to something you enjoy doing.

      I hope that has helped a little bit and sorry for the long post :)

      Kind Regards,