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    • bigbangbaby
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      To whoever knows the answer to this- I missed poker promos with the free 50$+100$, and it's been longer than a month. Can I still get these promos or do the guys here have to send me another offer. If I can still get them (or if there's a new promo) that would be great. Thanks, GBU, Will G.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi bigbangbaby,

      These are usually ad-hoc promotions and will no doubt have therefore expired. You could try to follow the instructions provided in the email, but don't be surprised if it has expired.

      It's really important to ensure that you respond quickly to any promotion provided in the PokerStrategy emails.

      Also keep a regular (daily) eye on the News page, as PokerStrategy are always running various promotions, sign up bonuses, freerolls, rake races etc and you often get to hear of them first right there on the news page.

      Good luck & best regards,