Life time points (PS)

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    • Ludwitch
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      Lifetime points are the points you earned in total. For a level, you need to earn the points in a specific period of time and the second number does not say "lifetime". It is just points you need to earn.
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello AcesBreaker,

      As has previously mentioned, the figure below your lifetoime points is the amount of points you need to generate within the specified period in order to upgrade to the next level which in your case would be gold.

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    • CrocHunter
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      Can someone try to explain in more detail on earing points? I know how they are accumulated but when do they update? I have been playing every night this week but my SP to silver status hasn't moved. thought points would update everyday, which seemed to be the case the last two weeks my points updated every night. Monday of this week my points seem to have stopped updating even though I have been playing everynight. You mention having a time period to accumualte points I dont get it, i know you lose points after two weeks of inactivty but didn't know you have a time period to accumulate points. Noticed the color coding in the my SP section green and gray and this week is showing up gray but don't understand why I'm not getting the points.
    • Hadi
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      Hey CrocHunter,

      I apologize for the long time without a reply. Generally, it's best if you create a new thread for your questions rather than use an existing one, as it can happen that some queries go under, as was the case here.

      To answer your question: I suggest you take a look on our reward page where you can find a detailed description of how our system works.

      If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)