• KriPaul93
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      Hi there,
      just yesterday started to play FL 0.05/0.10$ SH. Im just exploring poker games, just want t play or just try to play different types of poker. So i have some questions.

      1) What stats on HEM HUD are most valueable?
      2) How many tables and hands is ok for SH playing about 3-4 hours a day.
      3) What is avarege BB/100?

      Any other tips?
      Pls dont tell me about moving to FR, just hate it.! :)

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    • kennyxx
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      1...VPIP,PFR,hands...but I would recomend to turn of the HUD and focus on observing Your oponnents. reads >>>>> stats ;)
      2...If You are new to FL, play just one, eventually two tables. Especially in SH, there is much more action compared to NL/SnG.
      3... At the begining anything positive is good

      Other tips?

      You can check some FL player's blogs (waiboy, taavi1337,...), FLSH is not as nice game as it may look, be prepared :)
      And about FR thing - it's up to You, but those advices usually have some reason.

      Anyway, GL at the tables.