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      Hi guys.

      I was playing SSS on UB for a while, than I switched to BSS on PokerStars. I play NL 10. I started with 250USD and after 5K hands I was like +10 buy ins now after 20K hands I am playing brake even with around 1bb/100 or less. Here is my stats till now (these are taken from pokertableratings.com as I am not using HEM or any other program:

      VP$IP 16.86%
      Af: 3.86
      CC: 4.57%
      C-Bet: 32.00%
      WtSD: 30.07%
      Pfr: 9.30%
      Afq: 52.95%
      3bet: 3.48%
      4bet: 11.11%
      W$SD: 50.30%

      Can somebody from the more experienced players give me some tips on what to improve in my game, because I really want to improve every single day. Thank you guys

      @ moderators - I am not sure if its the right forum to post in, so please excuse me :) :f_grin:
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